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Gran Diamante Tequila


Ultra-Premium Luxury Tequila is the only description that comes close to capturing the prowess of Tequila Gran Diamante. What we bring to the table is an exquisite, hand-crafted beverage that has changed the game within its first year: a blend smoother than silk, a unique look that compliments any high-class occasion, and a trio of award-winning flavours to match.

Agave tequilana weber blue variety grown in the red rich volcanic soil of Los Altos de Jalisco. At our distillery we use open vat fermentation with a strain of yeast formulated several decades ago. We allow the natural accelerators during the fermentation to process. Our Plata is rested 23-25 days in stainless steel sealed vats. Our Reposado is rested in french oak barrels for eight months. Our Añejo is aged eighteen months in french oak barrels to retain its rich character profile.


Looking to get this product for your home, as a gift, or for your restaurant, bar, or club? Drop us a line and someone from our team will reply to you within 24hrs. 

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