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Providing everything our labels need to thrive in the Canadian market.

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Cocktail Menu Creation

Our resident mixologists are experts in their craft and provide valuable insights into the creation of establishment specific cocktails. By working closely with each venue, we are able to capture the essence of the on-premise location and create cocktails that feel at home in the hands of their most loyal customers.

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Event Planning

At Varon Spirits, we believe that the best events are ones fuelled by the best libations. We take pride in our event planning services and work tirelessly with the best venues across the country to create amazing experiences and memories tied to our brands.

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Marketing, Social &
Public Relations

Our marketing, social and public relations services are designed to elevate our brand's identity and generate excitement among Canadian consumers. We work closely with the labels we represent to deliver content that stays true to the brand's essence, while effectively resonating with the target audience. Our team is dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions that help your brand stand out from the competition.

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